Studio Ove

Dear you, who ever is reading this, visiting my web page

I started as a Freelance Photographer in 1975 and decide then that I would retire at the age of 55, so I retired in 2006.

During these 30 years I had the joy and honour to work with the best art directors in Finland and great companies and brands.

Reference clients

Art Directors

Advertising Agencies


For a period over 20 years I was the most certificated photographer in Finland.

It was hard work, but it gave a good and rich life.

For this I want to thank all the persons that I had the pleasure to work with.


In 2006 I started to design a Villa in Spain.

Well the construction started in the time when the economical situation was on it’s way down.

So when Villa Sueño was ready, I started to rent it and also Villa Violeta, our home.

Now I feel that that has been seen and want to continue my journey in life.

That will be my third trip, IF I will make it work.

Well, naturally, my fourth, as the first was the time in my youth when

I was a bastard, at least in my mums opinion.


IF my fourth trip will see daylight, then I will be back with more information about that.

I have registered in FRAPA, in the Netherlands, 5 TV-formats and 5 synopsis’ to films that I hope that could be made one day.

Hope to be able to inform you more soon.